Gold Punisher 3 standard image
shown on customer's gun
Mirror Skull standard image laser etched in Silver Powder Coat
Mirror Skull standard image laser etched in Black Powder Coat
Wolf 1 Standard image laser etched with black powder coat
Grim Reaper 2 laser etched standard image in silver powder coat
Standard Image US Army 1 laser etched in silver powder coat
Customer image added to the grips as a standard laser etched image, no powder coat
Standard image Paladin 1 laser etched with black powder coat paint
Standard image Punisher 3 laser etched in black powder coat
These grips are precision CnC machined by Hogue, Inc.  Below are samples of some of our standard images and customer submitted images shown on these grips.  The list of images you can add to your grips is limited only by your imagination.  Send us a description of your dream set of grips and/or a photo and we'll send back price and order instructions.

We stock these grips in matte black and clear anodized aluminum, both smooth and checkered with oval pad for images. 

Any of our standard images can be added to either Black or Clear anodized grips along with many customer imagesYou can send your own image for a free quote to


PLEASE NOTE, the following table lists all the various Baby Eagle guns our grips will fit and the models our grips will not fit:
Baby Eagle Fit chart
-Will fit Jericho and Uzi Eagle
-Will fit standard pistol and semi-compact
-Will fit 9mm and .40cal pistols
-Will not fit Compact Baby (they are 1/2" shorter in grip length)
-Will not fit .45 caliber models (screw hole located different)
Baby Eagle Grips
Click on the photos for a larger view
This design was submitted by the customer.  Look closely to see the inverted skull image.  The image was applied with silver powder coat and the customer applied clear coat over the grips to achieve the gloss black effect he wanted.
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